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Beauty Investment

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About Us

The beauty industry is worth billions, and our vision is to build an app and website based around a booking system and directory for beauticians.  Other platforms exist that focus on just booking features. We will be building a fully integrated social platform for businesses and service providers, and a full marketplace for trade and public purchases of beauty products. 

This is your chance to be part of what could be a great investment for the future. We have a variety of funding plans, including an NFT investment opportunity.  You can profit long term by being a shareholder of a multimillion company. You have the chance of your NTF exploding in price as the levels described below sell.

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NFT Fundraising Plan

This is a Double investment NFT collection. The investment is for the first part of the build and set up of a beauty services booking system. This round of funding will give away 10% of the shares of the company.

A well known company in this area has an estimated $75 million annual turnover. Depending on funding we expect to be launching in 2023.  

Each NFT will be worth 1 Shares. This Collection will include 5,000 images being released almost immediately. The batches of NFT's will be broken down as follows:

Batch 1  500 images   0.11 ETH

Batch 2  750 images  0.44 ETH

Batch 3  1000 images   0.85 ETH

Batch 4  1000 images  1.55 ETH

Batch 5  1000 images  2.44 ETH

Look out for some to buy at fixed price and some via auction. 750 other images will be released throughout the journey. In competition, Giveaways for promoting and our team as they wish to use.  Follow our social media handles to keep up-to-date on what is happening.

Twitter @Beautyinvestnft



Like many NFT projects we have started with a low price, imagine being able to get yours at 0.11 ETH and natural worth of that when the 5th batch of images go for sale at 2.44 ETH.  

This investment does not require full sale of all 5,000 NFT’s. We will begin building at each stage of the NFT sales.

Keep coming back to this website for updates on progress. 

Not only will you get a great investment here but keep an eye out for further business funding events.

Remember how big Tech Projects are around the world.

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Beauty Industry Facts

The beauty industry in the UK, is just the tip of the iceberg for our services. We will be looking to expand into USA/Europe as well over subsequent years.


Hair, Nail, and Beauty Salons in the UK


Growth in Salons by 2023


Beauticians in the UK

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Launch Roadmap

Our planned launch timetable is dependant on when funding is unlocked at each stage. Our intention is to go through the phases below.

Stage 1 - Initial Launch

We will launch the business, launch NFT funding, build social network, and identify additional external funding/government grants.

80% Complete

Stage 2 - People, Community, and Website

We will create a community of interested investors/people, build a website to explain our plans, and get key roles filled with experienced people.

10% Complete

Stage 3 - Core Website / App Build

We will build the mobile app and website for hair, nail, and beauty salons to start using. Features will include Directory, Staff, Uploading Content, and Promoting Salons.

Not Started

Stage 4 - Launch App and Develop Social Features

We will launch the app to all hair, nail, and beauty salons in the UK market. We will develop various social features for beauticians to use in their local communities.

Not Started

Stage 5 - Develop Additional Paid Services

We will develop additional paid services within the app for salons to use. As well as developing our sales/marketing business functions to expand our sales capability.

Not Started
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Our Services

Natural Beauty

For Hair, Nail, and Beauty Salons

The app/website will provide businesses with lots of features/benefits over the first few years, including:

  • Directory listings

  • Staff directory

  • Promoting their business

  • Taking bookings

  • Selling their products

  • Sharing beauty content

For Beauticians

Beauticians are largely independent contractors/employees who move from salon to salon. The app/website will provide them with these benefits: 

  • Create their profile

  • Move their profile between their employment locations

  • Share their own content

  • Create their portfolio

  • Connect with other beauticians

  • Take bookings

  • Promote content to their followers

Natural Beauty

Are you a salon or beautician and would like to get involved? Contact us below.

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Our Team

James North

Chief Executive Officer

Experienced business lead, having built multiple online businesses over 15 years. Extensive experience of the beauty industry, and providing online services for businesses. 

Leading the way on fundraising, overall commercial requirements, and leading the vision.

Andy North

Chief Technology Officer

Entrepreneur and technology expert with 15 years experience building online technology platforms. Experience with online ecommerce, social platforms, and building directories. 

Leading the way on the technology, data, and security aspects of the project. 

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